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Drug Injury, Liability, Fourth Edition

Editor: James T. O’Donnell, James J. O’Donnell and 48 Contributors
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 983; 50 chapters
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 8.5″ X 11″ Inches 
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Drug Injury, Liability, Fourth Edition (2016) is designed to serve as a reference for attorneys, pharmacists, physicians, risk managers, nurses, drug manufacturers, and regulators—as well as anyone with any interest in drug use and drug injury. It summarizes the FDA’s responsibility in monitoring drug development and safety. The book identifies important roles that pharmacists play in enhancing medication safety and effectiveness, and demonstrates what can happen when pharmacists and other practitioners and healthcare institutions do not perform adequately. Some chapters review current drug-product-related liability issues that focus on the manufacturer’s role in providing for drug safety. By focusing on the most dangerous drugs, the reader can learn from the tragedies and mistakes of others, look at their own practice settings, and avoid making similar mistakes. 48 Contributors, 50 chapters, 983 pages.