Forensic Pharmacist Report in a Coumadin Death Case

James O’Donnell

THIS ARTICLE. AS part of the Forensic Pharmacist issue, presents a series of reports of opinions, case summary, citations to standards of practice, and pharmacy rules and regulations, as applied and utilized in a forensic evaluation by this author in a death caused hy a Coumadin dispensing error; Cogentin had been prescribed. An interesting part of the case was the deception by the defendant pharmacist, who denied knowledge of the error when the death was investigated by the hospital treating the patient as well as by the Board of Pharmacy investigators.

The case is made interesting further because, in Pennsylvania, the state in which the error occurred and the suit was brought, experts must express complete reports, and depositions of experts are, by custom, not taken. All of the experts’ opinions must be fully expressed in reports, or they will be precluded in trial. Because Coumadin errors are the mosr frequent cause of lawsuits against pharmacists …

Forensic Pharmacist Report in a Coumadin Death Case (Full Article – PDF)